Product FAQ

Products FAQ:

1. Why Are Jardeon's Products More Expensive?
If you pay attention to the weight of the product, you will find that our 6 panels are much heavier than others. JARDEON insists on using the highest quality 9mm (3/8") panels, for which we have paid a greater cost in craftsmanship .If you want to get a really high-density acoustic panel, welcome to choose us.

2. How Effective Are JARDEON Tiles At Dampening Sound?
JARDEON acoustic panels NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.8~0.95. This means that they absorb about 80~95% of the sound they come into contact with (frequency range of action: 600-900HZ), and the effect on low frequency sound is only clear processing, not blocking. Tiles from JARDEON can often have a noticeable impact on the acoustics of your space, but how much they affect sound depends on the surface.

3. Will My Tiles Work With Pins?
JARDEON acoustic panels work with pins because we make them using high-quality, dense PET felt board. The PET felt board makes them perfect for pinning and repinning as many times as you want.

4. What Are JARDEON Acoustic Panels Made From?
We make JARDEON acoustic panels from 100% PET plastic. Using PET plastic improves our sustainability and reduces our environmental impact. By reclaiming at least 50% of the plastic we use from discarded water bottles, we keep four water bottles out of the waste stream with every 12x12 felt wall tile we use.

5. How Do JARDEON Acoustic Panels Contribute to Healthy Indoor Air Quality?
JARDEON acoustic panels adhere to strict quality standards and ensure our products do not contain any red-list chemicals or materials harmful to your health . Our materials have been inspected and certified by the professional organization SGS to confirm they do not emit any harmful gasses into the places where you install your designs.

6. Do JARDEON Acoustic Panels Meet Flammability Requirements for Commercial Applications?
Yes. Made with material that has undergone Passed SGS non-flammable testing, our felt panels are considered a Class A material for commercial specifications.

7. Do JARDEON acoustic panels Reduce Sound Transmission From or Through a wall?
Our acoustic panels deaden sound transmission from nearby spaces. Multiple customer reviews highlight this benefit. For the range of sound attenuation, we have a professional SGS test report. The sound attenuation of different frequencies is different, and the sound attenuation of different environments is also different.

Installation & Configuration FAQ:

1. What Is Required to Install My JARDEON acoustic panels?
We use easy-installation methods for our sound panels that only require a tape measure, level, and pencil. After aligning your first few tiles, your design should be easy to complete. Most felt wall designs take less than an hour.

2. Are Adhesive Tabs Included in My Felt Right Order?
Every order of JARDEON sound panels comes with a fixed adhesive on the back, you only need to tear off the safety paper to use it, and it will not fall off after pasting.

3. Are JARDEON Acoustic Panels Safe For My Walls?
Yes, the back glue of the JARDEON sound panel is very strong. If you need to uninstall it in the future, please do not completely tear off the safety paper. When pasting, just tear off the 4 corners of the safety paper and paste it, so that it can be uninstalled without damage.

4. How Easy Is It to Clean JARDEON Acoustic Panels?
Our felt wall panels are easy to clean and maintain. To remove dust, all you need is a vacuum wand or hose. For spot cleaning, all you need is a damp rag or household cleaner to spray the tiles and wipe them down. For high-traffic, commercial applications, you can disinfect JARDEON sound panels with common cleaning products.

5. How Should JARDEON Acoustic Panels Best Be Positioned to Dampen Sound?
Sound waves will typically reverberate between parallel surfaces. Because of this, positioning your sound wall panels on parallel walls is most useful to interrupt sound wave reverberation.

 6. Can the Tiles Be Used in Ceiling Applications?
Yes, you can use JARDEON acoustic panels in ceiling applications. Just tear off all the safety paper on the back and stick to the ceiling, it's that simple.

7. Can JARDEON acoustic panels Be Used in Flooring Applications?
You should not use JARDEON acoustic panels for flooring applications.

8. Do the Tiles Stick to Textured Walls?
JARDEON acoustic panels conform to most surfaces, including painted cinder block and textured walls.

9. Will Tiles Match if I Want to Add New Tiles to an Existing Design?
JARDEON is a large factory, please rest assured to buy, we will reserve enough inventory in the same batch, but it is recommended to buy the same color at an interval of 1-2 weeks, because we will sell very quickly, and the colors of different batches will have certain differences.