JARDEON focusing on the development, production and sales of acoustic materials, it is a leading company in the field of professional acoustic materials manufacturing. The use of imported raw materials and advanced automation equipment to produce polyester fiber sound absorbing panels, sound-absorbing cotton, Know in the international similar products with high-end quality and quality service, the implementation of the "brand" strategy, the successful manufacture of acoustic materials first-class enterprises.

The flame-retardant sound-absorbing board successfully passed the B1 level test of the national fire-fighting equipment quality supervision and inspection center of the national testing organization ( GB50222-95); The professional environmental protection agency (GB / T2912.1-2009) E1 formaldehyde content detection, become a truly environmentally friendly product.

After continuous technological innovation, thicker (20 mm), ultra-long sound-absorbing panels, sound-absorbing cotton, hot stamping panels, flocking panels, and stamping plates have been launched, meeting the different needs of engineering and home decoration, making sound Absorption and noise reduction. The perfect combination of decoration and art improves the visual and auditory environment and creates a quiet and comfortable space for study, work and life.

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